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Living The Dream

Experience the life of a fledling game developer as you build the game of your dreams.

The web version is a free preview of the game, containing only the first few minutes.

• The full game takes about 30mn to play through.

• The game has been designed to be playable only once. While players with the technical know-how might be able to circumvent this limitation, we ask you to refrain and please experience the game as intended.

• Some of the topics are sensitive and can prove harmful to some audiences. Be sure to exercice proper self-care and not play the game if you're too vulnerable.

Made with Camille. Powered by Construct 3.

The Quick

Games made in a short span of time (1-10 days), so expect some quirks.

That Traitorous Sidekick

You could have been a classic ally who has sworn to protect the heroine at all cost. You kind of did. But you also made a pact with her nemesis.

The job?


GMTK Game Jam 2023 entry. The theme was: roles reversed.

The initial pitch/concept was to play (the annoying) Navi from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. But what the N64 game did not tell you back then, it's that Navi made a deal with Ganondorf to annoy Link all along his quest. So while Link is doing Ocarina of Time things, Navi is playing a sort of scoring Devil May Cry stylish rank game based on Link's patience and despair.

God is Myth / Man is Meat

you’re geists, mortal vessels imbued with the essence of an immortal.
you have a mission. it is the ring’s will. it must happen. it will happen.
you do not fear harm, death, killing or the unknown. not even the void.
you fear the ring. you fear the gods that carved you for them to instill.

7dfps 2018 entry.


TeamSpatch #3

Kill the spreading Carcinomis Queen with your EndoFighter "Leukozus".

Avoid the Grabbers and collect the Leukoblasts to get stronger against the Disease !

(You'll need a mouse and two buttons on it.)

Ludum Dare 34 Jam entry with Gabriel Bulik, qFrct and Vincent Cucheval.

Brave Random World

Text-based dystopia generator.

You're a conniver in a confusing world.

State of the generated world may offers different problematics.

Try a few ones. You may find a few things.

Altered Mask


A party game for 3 players where you control one of three animal. Each has its power, attributes and goal.

You need 3 people and enough gamepads/keyboards.

Hits Playjam 2015 entry with Eliette Scherer, Jérôme Scheefer, Jules Briquet, Olivier Repussard and Thomas Tillard.


TeamSpatch #2

What is the worst nightmare of every honest gardener?

The terrible MOLES!

Crunch it, Slice it, Mow it!


But don't forget to make your garden beautiful.

Ludum Dare 32 Jam entry with qFrct, Vincent Cucheval and Zilast.

Goblin Crown Fever

TeamSpatch #1

Struggle during the "Goblin Crown Fever", get the Crown and become King Goblin!

Pick up ammos, shoot switches, destroy enemies, grab all keys: get the Crown before the red ghosts!

But will you be wise enough to outdo your own greed?

Ludum Dare 31 Jam entry with qFrct, Vincent Cucheval and Zilast.

School Jammers

It's a Windjammers-like game.

Kids play with a frisbee in a volley-ball/handball mix. Something like that.

There's a simple CPU mode but it's a game meant to be played against another human.

Entry for Game Boy Jam 2.

Super Simple Switching Strategist

You have an army or robots, but they are kind of dumb, they only understand simple orders.

You don't have to control your units, only to give orders at waypoints and to chose what to build.

Mini Ludum Dare 44 (7dRTS) compo entry.

See CO5MONAUT's Death Crown for a polished somewhat similar game.

Super Simple Smart Shooter

An arena shooter where ammos make you slower. Use them and you'll get smaller and quicker.

You get a score at the end. The higher it is, the better you are.

Ludum Dare 26 Compo entry.

The Tinker

Incomplete games and other proofs of concept.


The idea was to implement the movement of Killer7 to find and talk to characters from Paradise Killer.

The concept of this movement system is that the player character moves on predefined paths. It restricts the player inputs down to forward/backward and choosing between paths at branching points. The camera follows the character by moving on its own paths while aiming at the player character.

It has some of the advantages of fixed cameras (devs controlling the camera and choosing the viewpoints) while having smoother transitions between key positions.

Powered by Godot Engine.

Item Forge v1

Generator for random items for a hack 'n' slash game.

It needs adjustments.


When you cannot choose between horizontal and vertical, you try diagonal scrolling for a shoot 'em up.

You're Doomed Anyway

You can move your little robot around a small planet and get burned by the sun.

And shoot useless lasers. And refill energy with solar exposure.