Errant Works

You're Doomed Anyway

Source code and assets are on github.

Initial Concept

This was the first concept on paper. I give myself 3 days to make the game.

Top-down twin stick shooter on a Mario Galaxy typed planet.

You can dig on the same level as you or downward. It costs energy. You can fall down one level but you can't jump/get back up.

The system star is more and more radiant, the more the time passes the more your exposure goes up. In each level, you can find "chest" containing exposure-fixes. At 100 exposure, you die.

The exposure tick (exposure points you get each second) decreases the more you do down. The monsters power increases the more you go down.

Second Version

After the initial problems I encountered, this was the new concept.

There's no longer different levels.

When you get under the star light (the planet is turning and orbiting around the star), you gain a lot of exposure and some energy.

You can shoot (cost energy) at different things :

  • wolves to kill them, then you can loot them to lower your exposure ;
  • rocks to break them to unlock some parts of the planet ;
  • lightning stones to active them and regain some energy ;
  • TNT to reshape the planet.

When you reshape the planet :

  • wolves alive become more aggressive and strong ;
  • new rocks appear on the surface ;
  • a new TNT appears somewhere.

So, the planet would be some kind of labyrinth you can alter with energy. But the world is turning and the star lights different regions of the planet at different times.